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PBW's E-Challenge is to write, and make available free for download, a short story, novella, or novel. Here, then, is my contribution to that challenge:

In an alternative world where myths and legends are real, Daya Scott, Heir to a Gargoan Regency is partnered with a human cop who hates all monsters, but especially her. To solve the brutal slaying of a family, secrets long held will be revealed. And, monster or not, Daya is going to find the killer... but the killer may just find her first.

To download, right click on the image and save the link. Or visit my Scribd page.

Excerpts from my works library
World Council researcher Cambria Petersen is in a whole lot of trouble. Exiled to a jungle prison planet populated with rapists, terrorists and a psychopath or two by a corrupt Judicar, she has two choices: find a way home, or die trying. But to find justice for herself and others wrongly exiled, she must set aside civilisation and become the very thing she was accused of.

Complete book, free to read, with no strings attached. Also available on Scribd.

Deputy Asha Rockford has a hidden past. A past that is coming back to haunt her in the photographs left at brutal crime scenes. Sheriff Zander Kadir needs to know the truth behind his deputy's dark and tragic past before more die, but how can he when there are lies and half-truths? The killer knows her; worse, nothing is too obscene to keep their shared past a secret... even if it means killing the object of his obsession.

To download, right click on the image and save the link.

Summer has a special talent. Her father, James Wellesley Pocklington the Third, wants more from her than business secrets. Captain Duncan Duquesne has never met a woman like Summer and his only hope for survival is to convince her that her father is the bad guy. To do that, he has to turn her world upside down. Within the walls of Patriot's Fort, a decades old secret will come to light - with devastating consequences

Now available on Scribd - complete free e-book

"Worthless, useless, mutant." Those are the words that Winter heard all her life from her father, James Wellesley Pocklington the Third. But with one bullet, she's forgotten her life in the fortress. Worse, she's forgotten her powers, her sister and the one man who loves her. Captain Justin Beech fell in love while Winter's prisoner. Now, they both on the run, falsely accused of murder and hunted by a man determined to use her power or see her dead. To save them both, Winter must remember or lose everything.

Now available on Scribd - complete free e-book
Akiko Sakamura thought she had an honourable employer. Betrayed, she has only one way to regain face: find the secret lab trying to resurrect Project Genesis. Major Nathan Hawk doesn't believe in 'mystical' powers, even genetically manipulated ones. As far as he's concerned, Akiko Sakamura is a criminal at worst, misguided at best. But his boss demands he take Sakamura on the mission. How can he find the lab and destroy it, when he knows Akiko is a liability?

To download, right click on the image and save the link.

Now available on Scribd - complete free e-book

I also have a place where I post on various subjects and almost everyday. Since I like to write in a number of genres and have many a short story, you can also get more freebies at my second site. Here are the links:

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